Goedemiddag from Antwerpen!

Discovering #fashioninantwerp

The lovely team from Visit Flanders and Antwerp Tourism & Convention <3

Lunch at Graanmarkt13

Graanmarkt13: Pawel Czermak photo gallery exhibition (medium format, #ftw)

Meet: Cup of Couple, Irene’s Closet, Style Scrapbook, Mi Armario en Runias, Tea and Twigs (photo by Giovanni)

Graanmarkt13: Concept store

Philip’s Biscuits

Antwerpse handjes (hand cookies with a legend)

Ginger tea love at Lombardia

Exploring the gardens with Gabriel (Cup of Couple) and Irene (Irene’s Closet)

The Chocolate Line

Gourmet Belgian chocolate taken to the next level #snorting

Choco-heaven. I think I’m in love.

With the adorable Mike from Cup of Couple

Depots at Mode Museum (MoMu)

Japan to Italy to America to Germany

MoMu’s 50th anniversary exhibition

Traveling to a moment in time with Martin Margiela

The Antwerp Six

3D printed heels. Want. #badass

Jurgi Persoons S/S 1999 (selected by Margiela as next successor)

Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Tuning in at the Fashion Department

Fashion Talks by FFI (Flanders Fashion Institute)

 Dinner at Berlin

Admiring the ceiling at ASVOFF Fashion Film Festival

Antwerpen Centraal Station

Greetings from a new sky: Antwerpen, Belgium! Last week I explored this charming city and its fashion scene on a three day adventure with 23 other fashion bloggers (from up and down Europe to Japan!)

We kick-start day one at Graanmarkt13; a triple threat of a restaurant, elegant concept store and gallery. A fresh autumn day greets us after lunch, perfect for a stroll around Central. Along with necessary sweet treat pit-stops before making our way to Mode Museum (MoMu) and touring its current exhibition: “Happy Birthday Dear Academie – 50 years of the Fashion Department” which highlights various aspects of Antwerp’s fashion education during the first fifty years of its existence. A visit to the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts follows after, being one of the top prestigious and influential fashion institutes in the world. The ‘Antwerp Six’ planted their seeds there (graduating in the 1980s) as well as many other successful generations of designers. Warm welcomes from Flanders Fashion Institute over aperitif, where we met with emerging Belgian fashion designers and the ASVOFF Fashion Film Festival to end the night.

It blew me away to see the infinite amount of support the city shows for fashion, especially making it a key theme. Large pillars and billboards cascading throughout Antwerp, including the airport. Even cruising through customs, I was welcomed with open arms and an affirmation of a f#%*ing awesome time.

Thank you and hugs to Marijke, Miet, Merle, Isabel, Ellen, Bernadette, Oliver, Charis, Antwerp Tourism & Convention and Visit Flanders for having us! Such a serendipitous introduction to Europe.

Part I/III

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